Providing the opportunity to study homoeopathy in Japanese

The Beginning

Torako Yui originally studied homoeopathy in the UK and often thought how good it would be to be able to study in her own native language. At that time, homoeopathy was almost completely unheard of in Japan, she had no classmates from her home country and with all information relating to homoeopathy available only in English; it is easy to imagine how she must have felt.

It was the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) that made Torako's vision a reality. The school was established in Japan in April 1997 and is now the longest running homoeopathy collage in the country. The UK school of RAH (RAHUK) was established in September 2006.

A Comfortable Learning Environment with no Banguage Barrier

● All part time lectures are conducted in Japanese or in English with Japanese interpretation
● All members of staff speak both Japanese and English so that we are able to offer support with whatever may be required.

A Full and Varied Curriculum

● Homoeopathic principles bases on Hahnemann' 'Organon'
● Hahnemann's 'Organon' and 'Chronic Diseases' and the 'Repertory' compiled by his student Boenninghausen
● Pregnancy and childbirth lectures conducted by Japanese Homoeopathic Midwives
● Materia Medica lectures conducted by highly experienced homoeopaths.
● Spirituality and homoeopathy
● Anatomy and physiology
● Case studies

Student Benefits

● Part time students are also entitled to attend full-time lectures.
● Students receive a 50% discount on events and seminars.
● Students receive a 40% discount on books published Homoeopathic Publishing Co., Ltd.