Our part time course begins in either April or May of each year. As with the full time course, a discount applies to matriculation fees which are paid early. This course is run mainly on Saturdays and Sundays which allows it to fit round most people's working hours. It must be noted, however, that those undertaking the part time course are not eligible for a student visa.

Application Flowchart

  Prospective students may attend one of our many scheduled open campus events or make an appointment to find out more.
  The application form is completed and sent to the RAHUK office. This form is available on request.
  The application is assessed and an interview may be arranged.
  Successful applicants are sent further details and matriculation and course fee payment instructions
  Payment of matriculation and course fees
  The application process is completed with the sending of the contract on confirmation of payment.
  Students become eligible for discounts on Homoeopathy Japan products, publications and events.