Lecture Content

■ Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays 10:00-17:00

Principle Yui's lectures mainly focus on the treatment of miasms, iatrogenic diseases and the inner child. RAH Japan certified-homeopaths conduct lectures which centre on the Materia Medica. These are in addition to seminars given by renowned homoeopaths from around the world. In order to allow our part time students to supplement lectures through independent study, 10 additional RAH original texts are provided free of charge per year. Student discounts on remedies, books and events also apply. As this is a part time course, it is important that students are able to organise their own studies and are disciplined with regard to preparation and revision.

Lecture RAHUK Format Number
1. Principle Yui (compulsory) DVD 8/year
2. Japanese lecturers (compulsory) DVD 12/year
3. RAHUK lectures (compulsory) DVD 1-4/year (2-8 days)
4. Guest lecturers to RAH Japan (optional) DVD 1-4/year (2-10 days)
5. RAHUK full-time lectures (optional) DVD Optional
6. UK schooling (optional) RAHUK 1 (5 days)
7. JPHMA Conference (optional) DVD 1 (1 day)
8. 3rd-4th year case studies (optional) DVD 50/year (100 in total)
9. 4th year student clinic (optional) DVD Optional