Pioneer person in Japanese homoeopathy

Principal Torako Yui

■Principal of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH)
■Chairperson of the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA)
■The director of the Japanese homoeopathic foundation (JPHF)
■General director of Japanese Homoeopathic Centre
■Honorary member of College of Practical Homeopathy (CPH)
■Honorary Fellow of Homoeopathic Medical Association (FHMA)
■Member of Homoeopathic Medical Association
■Member of Alliance of Registered Homoeopath
■Member of Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association
■Honorary Doctor in Homoeopathy (Pioneer University)
■Ph.D.Hom ( International Medical University)
■D.C.Hom (Clinical Homoepath)
■Principal of College of Holistic Homoeopathy (CHhom)

Major writings

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The Thesis of Immunization Impossible
Homoeopathic Approach to Developmental Disorders
Your inner child is crying out!
LOVE! Devote your life to loving others!
Homoeopathic Faith
Zen Homoeopathy -Activating your self-healing abilities-


Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1953.
During her residency in UK, she suffered from ulcerative colitis and at the end of her tether, she made a life-changing visit to a homoeopath, who led her to complete cure with only 4 globules of homoeopathic remedy. She then signed up for a homoeopathy college in London and completed the licentiate course and the post graduate course. She passed a qualifying examination of the Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in Britain, and became the first Japanese professional registered homoeopath in the association. She established her homoeopathic clinic in London. Her achievements for homoeopathy has been acknowledged from homoeopathic associations internationally and she has good fellowship with the world famous homoeopaths.

Favorite motto

"Be grateful for all of creation, the existence of universe itself.
Wish all of you enjoy living the gift of life!"


Homoeopathic natural farming
Investigation and diffusion of homoeopathic life style curing with self healing ability


●November 1996 : She held a homoeopathic seminar with the sponsorship of Holistic medical society.

●April 1997 : She established the first homoeopathic college, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH) in Japan. She became the principal and concentrated all her energy into teaching Homoeopathy.

●April 1998 : She founded the first professional homoeopathic association with insurance, Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) in Japan. She became the chairperson and the association started its activity for the aim of spreading homeopathy and contribute for society widely.

●July 1998 : She held Homoeopathic seminar in the medical department of Kyusyu University.

●November 1998 : She was invited to Diet member's building as lecturer, she lectured first homoeopathy lecture for national assemblies.

●April 2000 : She was given the fellowship from Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) and became its honorary member.

●May 2000 : She lectured on homoeopathy in the 6th Japan Cancer Convention.

●May 2001 : She obtained PhD in Homoeopathy based on the international law at International Medical University.

●July 2006 : JPHMA that she work as the chairperson became a member of International Council for Homeopathy(ICH) that 30 homeopathic association of 27 countries affiliate as a representative of Japanese homoeopathic association.

●October 2006 : She did academic announcement at the 47th Japan medical check-up academic meeting.

●Theme of announcement : 'The Medicine of 21st Century, Introduction of Homoeopathy - the true preventive medicine and Homoeopathy'and 'The Medicine of 21st Century, Homoeopathic case report-autoimmune disease and iatrogenic diseases'.

●June 2007 : She was appointed as a international adviser of the Homoeopathic academic journal published by he biggest homoeopathic publisher in the world, B. Jain Publishing House.

●August 2007 : She was awarded the degree from Lord Aaron Ward-Atherton. She announced 22 cases of obstinate diseases that cured by three dimensional method at the 3rd international homoeopathic conference in Dubai.
She was awarded master degree of homoeopathy from Hahnemann college of Homoeopathy and at the same time she was awarded Honorary Ph.D in Homoeopathy form Pioneer University.

●October 2007 : ICH ( International Council for Homeopathy)
She attended and made a speech as a representative of Japan at the 1st general meeting of ICH (International Council for Homoeopathy) in Hamburg, Germany.

●September 2008: Gave a speech at the a dinner party hosted by Lord Atherton at the Palace of Westminster.

●July 2008 : She made a speech about the 7 cases of developmental disorders (autism, hyperactivity disorder) that estimated as an incurable disorder before and that improved by using the remedy prepared from vaccines at the 9th congress of Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association.

●September 2008 : Presentation at the congress of ARH
She was invited to the congress of ARH hold in suburb of London and made a presentation.
After her presentation she was given special award form ARH with the comment 'We have never seen the person who have done such a foremost contribution before except from Ms. Yui. And we only can keep watching if anyone would be able to make the same level of achievement she has done.''
Theme of Presentation: 'Homoeopathic approach for Iatrogenic disease and developmental disorder.'

●November 2008 : She made a presentation about the cases of incurable developmental disorder even in modern medicine cured by homoeopathy at the academic meeting of the Japan Mibyou system association.

●December 2008 : She started homoeopathic consultation at St. Marguerite Hospital, Chiba with their cooperation.

●April 2009 : She performed at the opening act as a representative Homoeopath of Japan at the exhibition 'visual of a kaleidoscope' in Mori Museum by the request from a German Artist.

●April 2009 : She made a presentation as a guest speaker at the international symposium in Belgium concerning Homoeopathic education.

●September 2009 : Congress in Kyoto 2009
She made a presentation about cured cases during the 2 days of the 10th Japan Homoeopathic Medical Association's congress in Kyoto.

●November 2009 : She was invited as a guest speaker and made a academic announcement at conference of HMA (Homeopathic Medical Association) hole in London. Theme of presentation: ' Successful cases of incurable diseases and developmental disorder by homoeopathic treatment'

●March 2010 : Her presentation at the 2nd Children's Homoeopathy Congress in Germany is determinate.

●April 2010 : She established homoeopathic integrated medical college, ' Collage of Holistic Homoeopathy(CHhom)' that provide world highest of homoeopathic education. She is concentrating all her energy to foster professional homeopaths for the next generations.'

Main Lecture Topics

●Principles (Organon)
●Materia Medica Pura
●Iatrogenic Diseases
●Inner Child
●Cancer and intractable case

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