Renowned Homoeopaths from the United Kingdom and Europe

Trevor Gunn, Vice Principal
British Brighton-based homoeopath Trevor Gunn serves as our vice principal. His logical approach to pathology and physiology has served to overturn many of the misconceptions in what has conventionally been taught regarding biological systems and disease processes.

Yubraj Sharma
Homeopathic practitioner, researcher, author and teacher Dr. Sharma has developed a truly holistic approach which combines homeopathy with elements of traditional East Asian medicine, modern medicine, theosophy, physiology and meditation.

Dr. Jagjit Ram Ph.D
Ram is the honorary vice president of the HMA and the president of the RCH UK. He is an internationally respected lecturer who currently serves as a faculty member at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. In addition to the lectures that he gives at RAHUK, he also conducts our highly popular Yoga course.

Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea
Dr. Banerjea has authored many books on the subject of miasmatic prescribing and comes from a family homoeopathic practitioners going back four generations in India. He is internationally respected for his research into misasms and greatly admired by RAHUK students.