Lectures Conducted by Internationally Renowned Specialists

Rudi Verspoor
Canadian homeopath Rudi Vespoor is the author of a number of books including 'Dynamic Legacy'. 20 years engaged in the study of Hahnemann's methods has allowed him to develop a dynamic treatment system, which he has utilised in many cases of chronic disease.

Mario Boyadzhiev
Bulgarian homoeopath Mario Boyadzhiev specialises in research into iatrogenic diseases and is the author of 'Systematic Approach In Homeopathic Theory and Practice'. He is highly regarded for his use of high-potency remedies and approach to miasms.

Robin Murphy
American homoeopathy Robin Murphy is well known for his publication of homoeopathic texts including Materia Medica and Repertories, which have become essential texts for Japanese homoeopaths and students at RAH.

David Howell
British homoeopath David has become popular among students due to his approachable lecturing style. He currently serves as Course Founder at The Homeopathy College, Birmingham.

Dr. Raj Baines
British homoeopath and pharmacist Dr. Baines is currently an examiner for the British Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA).

Didier Grandgeorge, MD
French homoeopath Didier Grandgeorge is a paediatrician and author of the texts 'The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicine' and 'Homeopathic Remedies for the Stages of Life'. These books have been translated into nine languages and are read by students and homeopaths around the world.

Dr. Farokh Master, MD
Indian classical homoeopath Dr. Master's lectures are based on his rich clinical experience. He currently works as a senior homoeopath at Mumbai's Homeopathic Health Centre (HHC) and teaches at the Mumbai Homeopathic Medical College in addition to giving seminars all around the world.

Ian Watson
British self-healing specialist Ian Watson is the author of 'A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy' and 'The Tao of Homeopathy'. He gives seminars and provides consulting both within the UK and throughout the world.

Harry van der Zee, MD
Dutch homoeopath Harry van der Zee is an obstetrician and gynaecologist as well as author of 'Miasms in Labour', which introduces a new perspective on the miasms interpreted from the perspective of pregnancy and birth.

Roger Dyson
British homoeopath and herbalist Roger Dyson is a qualified teacher who practices in the UK and Iceland while also conducting seminars both around the UK and abroad.

Melissa Assilem
US homoeopath Melissa is currently based in California but continues to teach abroad. She is the author of 'The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, which provides fascinating insights into the remedies - Thea, Coffea, Saccharum Officinarum and Lac humanum (mother’s milk).

Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt
German homeopathic practitioner Dr. Sonnenschmidt is a prolific author. She has developed a synergistic approach to the treatment of cancer, which integrates miasms, music therapy, phototherapy and breathing exercises.

Miranda Castro
Miranda Castro is a British-trained homoeopath who is currently based in Florida. She has acquired a detailed knowledge of a number of fields and is especially experienced in the areas of obstetrics, gynaecology and post-natal care.

Ewald Stöteler
Based on through research into Hahnemann's methods, Dutch homoeopath and author Ewald Stöteler has developed a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment which is revolutionising how homeopaths practice.

David Lilley
South Africa based homoeopath David Lilley possesses an incredible in depth knowledge of remedies, and his seminars which integrate homoeopathy with a broad range of other disciplines are regarded by many as some of the most stimulating presentations in the field.

Trevor Adams, VetMFHom
British veterinary homoeopath Trevor Adams is incredibly experienced in the treatment of, not only pets such as cats and dogs, but also livestock. He has been successfully introducing the practice of homoeopathy to farms for over 15 years.

Richard Kenchington
In addition to the treatment of people, respected British homoeopath Richard Kenchington has also been very successful in the homoeopathic treatment of farm animals.

Geoff Johnson, VetMFHom
British veterinary homoeopath Geoff Johnson has developed an extremely successful approach for the homoeopathic treatment of animals.

Jan Scholten MD
Dutch homoeopath Jan Scholten is the author of many books including 'Homeopathy and the Elements'. The remedies that he has discovered and research that he has conducted into the elements has greatly influenced homoeopaths all over the world.

George Dimitriadis
Founder and principal of the Hahnemann Institute Sydney. He has practised as Homeopath since 1977 and taught in his native Australia as well as abroad for over 22 years. Additionally, he has written five books and compiled the enormously popular TBR (The Bonninghausen Repertory).