When patients take remedies that are similar to their symptoms, the pattern is amplified temporarily. There are now over 3000 types of remedy that are generally used. Here, we will show some of the typical remedies.



Modern people face many stresses and hold fears that they are unable to express. However, we manage to adjust. This remedy helps to remove the fear of chronic conditions such as panic, depression and insomnia.

Material: Aconite (plant)



If someone is stung by a bee, the body releases histamine to combat the foreign body and cause an inflammatory reaction. However, some people occasionally produce histamine in the absence of a foreign body. This remedy is suitable for people with just such an allergic predisposition.

Material: Honey Bee (insect)



Modern people are accustomed to superficial relationships and have come to act as if they are wearing masks. This remedy has a heat which can allow one to recover one's true self and remove the mask.

Material: Belladonna (plant)



Gelsemium is incredibly robust. It is suitable for people who do not enjoy roles with great responsibility, live every day in gloom and fear the coming of the day when they will have to up to their responsibilities In addition, it is effective at fighting adrenaline addiction.

Material: Jasmine (plant)



This remedy is characterised by features such as impatience and egocentricity. Sulphur makes it possible to get closer to people.

Material: Sulphur (mineral)