2-Year Full Time Course

Our 2-year full time course has been designed to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and qualifications required in order to practice as professional certified homeopaths in both the UK and Japan. Lectures are conducted by some of the UK and Europe's most renowned homoeopaths from a wide spectrum of disciplines within the field and all lectures are interpreted into Japanese to allow our students to learn in English while gaining a deeper understanding in their own language. Our uniquely tailored English language course allows our students to develop a deeper understanding and working knowledge of the language that aims to develop them into future bilingual homeopathic scholars and practitioners.

Course director and RAHUK vice principal is 'Mass Immunisation: A Point in Question' author Trevor Gunn who’s lectures on anatomy, physiology and pathology overturn many of the commonly held misconceptions regarding biological systems and disease processes. Frans Vermeulen, assistant principal and author of 'Synoptic Materia Medica', brings his many years of homeopathic research experience as he conducts characteristically enthusiastic lectures filled with detailed analyses of the Materia Medica. Other regular lecturers include Yubraj Sharma who is renowned for his multi-faceted spiritual approach, Colin Griffith who specialises in gem remedies and an emphasis on chakras, and Indian fourth generation classical homoeopath Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea.