Visa Application

Japanese Passport

Before students can engage in study in the UK, they must first acquire a visa from the British embassy.

The category of visa which must be applied for is 'Student'. The RAHUK admission confirmation letter is required for this. RAHUK is registered with the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) Register of Education and Training Providers as is necessary.

Course fees will be returned in the event that a visa application is refused. The matriculation fee will be returned within the cooling off period but not after the cooling off period has ended.

In the event that a visa application is refused, it is possible for prospective students to undertake the RAH Japan full time or evening course.

Step 1 (3 months to departure)

Prospective students participate in open campus events and find out more information.

Prospective students begin researching London.

Step 2 (2 months to departure)

Application form submission.

Tuition fees are paid on receipt of application confirmation. When payment has been made, a confirmation of enrolment is sent. An early payment applies to the early payment of the matriculation fee.

Date of departure to the UK is decided and ticket and passport are arranged.

Those who require insurance or a credit card should apply at this stage.

Step 3 (1 month to departure)

Visa application made at the British embassy.

The student must consider accommodation in London. We recommend staying in one of the many B&Bs, hostels or hotels in while looking for somewhere more permanent. We can assist students with this if necessary.