English Course

This English course aims to equip students with a firm grounding in the basics required for life in the UK as well as more specialised medical and homoeopathic terminology with the aim of producing future bilingual homoeopathic practitioners. Students who go on to become certified by a UK body following graduation will be entitled to open a practice in the UK.

■ Includes homeopathy-specific terminology in addition to everyday conversational language.

■ Aims to make students proficient in the correct usage of medical terminology.

■ Incorporates role-play, vocabulary building, grammar, reading comprehension, speaking and listening.

■ Students living in the UK and surrounded by English have the ideal opportunity to put into practice what they learn throughout the course.

■ Aims to enable students to comprehend lectures delivered in English and understand specialised texts related to homoeopathy and medicine.

■ Ability is steadily built upon over the year.

■ English language proficiency is assessed upon arrival in order to target specific student requirements.

*The cost of materials (£15-20) is not included in the cost of the course.

Oriental Medicine Course

Oriental Medicine Course

Traditional East Asian medicine and homoeopathy share a number of similarities and this course has been designed to instruct students in those aspects of traditional East Asian medicine that are useful in the practice of homoeopathy. Students are first taught the basics which are built upon as the course introduces more advanced knowledge for use in clinical practice. This course is also suitable for those who have no knowledge of medical treatment or for graduates who wish to continue their professional development.

*At RAHUK, this course is taken via DVD

*The course fee for a one year cycle (10 lectures) is £200

*The cost of additional materials is not included in the course fee