Fee Structure

Matriculation fee: £625 (1st year only)
*Early-payment discount: 50% off before April, 30% off before June

Course fee: Payment may be made in either a lump-sum or two instalments.

Lump-sum Two instalments
1st year
2nd year
First half (£4,200), Second half (£4,200)
First half (£4,200), Second half (£4,200)
English Course £1375/year
Oriental Medicine Course £200/year  

■ The following is to be paid separately
Physiology/pathology textbook (£65)

■ Makeup and optional lecture fees
Compulsory lecture DVD: £7.5 each
Guest lecturer seminars: £40/day

■ Japan part time course UK schooling (yearly, optional)
Course fee: £250 (first time free) plus travel and accommodation expenses.