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  Event Date
Live in the UK Inner Child Seminar 2009/08/30
Live in the UK Torako Yui Consultations 2009/08/29
Beginner's Week 2009/08/03-08
Year 2 Graduation Ceremony 2009/07/28
Beginner's Week 2009/07/06-11
Open Campus 2009/07/01
Love! Devote your Life to Loving Others! 2009/06/13
Open Campus 2009/06/10
Beginner's Week 2009/06/08-13
Raising Children/Homoeopathic Protection 2009/05/26
Raising Children/Homoeopathic Protection 2009/05/30
ライブ Open Campus 2009/05/20
Beginner's Week 2009/05/04-09
DVD上映 Guest Lecturer: Homeopathy, Alchemy & Astrology 2009/04/25, 26
Germany Inner Beauty Seminar 2009/04/25
ライブ Homoeopathy Fair 2009/04/13
Beginner's Week 2009/04/06-11
ライブ Guest Lecturer: Homeopathic Diagnosis Methodology 2009/03/28, 29, 04
ライブ Open College 2009/03/18
Beginner's Week 2009/03/09-14
Why do Animals Need Homoeopathy? 2009/03/09
Why do Animals Need Homoeopathy? 2009/03/07
ライブ Open College 2009/03/04
Live in the UK Open College 2009/02/18
Winter Countermeasures Seminar 2009/02/14
Environment Seminar 2009/02/09
'Be Loved' Seminar 2009/01/31
Inner Beauty Seminar 2009/01/16
Live in the UK Open College 2009/01/13
Live in the UK Open College 2008/12/16
DVD Product Guide: Mother Tincture 2008/12/07
DVD Homoeopathic Disease Prevention Seminar 2008/11/29
DVD Why do People Become Ill? 2008/11/22
Live in the UK London Lecture: Death Seminar 2008/10/05
DVD Product Guide: Mother Tincture 2008/08/13
DVD Product Guide: Summer Countermeasures 2008/08/06
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/08/02
DVD Considering Homoeopathy in Developmental Disorders 2008/07/22
Live in the UK Open College 2008/07/17
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/07/13
Live in the UK Swindon: Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/07/09
Live in the UK Open College 2008/07/02
Germany 'Be Loved' Seminar 2008/06/21-22
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/06/08
Live in the UK Welcome Seminar 2008/04/29
DVD 'Be Loved' Seminar (Special) 2008/04/16
Live in the UK Homoeopathy Fair 2007 2008/04/12
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/03/27
DVD Homoeopathic Disaster Control Measures Seminar 2008/03/15
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2008/02/10
DVD 'Be Loved' Seminar 2008/02/09
DVD Flower Essence & Mother Tincture Seminar 2007/11/24
Live in the UK London Living Seminar 2007/10/28
Germany Düsseldorf Living Seminar 2007/10/21
DVD Disease Prevention Seminar 2007/09/08
DVD JPHMA International Symposium 2007/08/10
Live in the UK Open College 2007/08/06
DVD Homoeopathy for Beginners 2007/04/14
Live from Japan Principal Torako Lecture 2007/04/08