The Benefits of Studying at RAHUK

1. A Return to Hahnemann's Homoeopathic Principles

Students are given the opportunity to study a course founded on essential homoeopathic principles but with the inclusion of the results of the latest homoeopathic research and treatment of iatrogenic diseases as taught by Principal Torako Yui. In addition, homoeopath and medical doctor Yubraj Sharma brings a new dimension that incorporates modern medicine, traditional oriental medicine, homoeopathy, pathology, anatomy, physiology and spirituality.

2. A World-Class Team of Lecturers

RAHUK lecturers include Dr. Kumar Banerjea, Trevor Gun, Colin Griffith, Frans Vermeulen - all at the top of their respective fields, with each lecturer bringing a unique aspect to the course. Our revolutionary system enables these lectures to be attended both in the UK and via a live feed to numerous locations throughout Japan and are all translated from English to Japanese.

3. Experience Life in the UK

Students have the opportunity to experience living in London - one of the most vibrant, multicultural cities in Europe.

4. Student Support

RAHUK staff include Japanese and Japanese-speaking personnel who are available to assist and advise students not only with academic issues, but also with any other matters that students may have regarding life in the UK. Our student clinic sessions provide students with the opportunity to ask advice from a practicing homoeopath while gaining clinical experience. In the event that a student chooses to return to Japan, he or she may continue the course where it was left off at any one of our numerous schools throughout the country.

5. English Course

Students studying in the UK have the golden opportunity to also study English in addition to homoeopathy. Our unique English course has been designed specifically with future homoeopaths in mind. In addition to the basics of vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening practice, the course also aims to make students capable of understanding and correctly using medical and homoeopathy-related terminology.

6. A Diverse Range of Courses

In addition to our full-time and part-time homoeopathy courses, RAHUK also runs a number of additional short-term courses including a yoga course and a medical astrology course. These are open to members of the public as well as RAH students but our students receive a student discount. Moreover, full-time students may also attend part-time lectures and vice versa.

7. Learn in Two Languages

Our English-language languages are interpreted in real time; allowing our students to learn in English while gaining a deeper understanding in their native language

8. The Coming Together of Knowledge from Europe, India and Japan

Students have the opportunity to learn from some of the most highly renowned homoeopaths in the world.

9. Student Clinic

Students may participate in our extremely popular student clinic sessions. These allow students to take an actual case with the permission of the client and under the guidance of a professional homoeopath. This provides an invaluable opportunity for trainees to hone the knowledge and skills learnt throughout the course in preparation for practice after graduation.

10. Student and Post-Graduation Membership of Professional Bodies

It is recommended that our students join a professional body such as the HMA or ARH in order to receive insurance coverage. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to sit the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) registration examination. The JPHMA is a member of the International Council for Homeopathy (ICH), so graduates may practice as an ICH member. In addition, the JPHMA is the only professional body in Japan that offers insurance coverage to practicing homoeopaths while also supporting their professional practice.