Zen homoeopathy - a way to address the high levels of intractable diseases found in Japan
'Cases of Cancer, developmental disorders, Rheumatism, Connective tissue disease, radiation problems, etc.'

Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom. was qualified as a professional homoeopath in the U.K. and brought homoeopathy back to her home country, Japan.

She developed her 'Zen method', which integrates original Japanese faith of nature worship that all things life has their own God, and work on inner reflection, trying to find a cause of diseases from inner-self. Zen method can treat Mind, Body, and Soul as trinity.
She will show you amazing cured results of such intractable diseases by Zen method which was refined in Japan where consumption rate of conventional drugs is No. 1 in the world.Her method might give an impression as too avant-garde comparing to conventional homoeopathy, however, Zen method is firmly backed up with the sourcebook of homoeopathy, 'Organon', 'Chronic diseases', 'Lesser writing' and other literatures by Samuel Hahnemann.
Hahnemann was a true avant-garde physician without having any dogma. Her method shows the soul of homoeopathy and its new possibility.

It will be a great opportunity for homoeopaths to know this powerful tool to be able to tackle intractable diseases.

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Sunday 30 June 2013



Participation fees

Non-homoeopath £40.00
Homoeopath £45.00
Student £30.00


The Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy,
13-15 Canfield Place,
London NW6 3BT